Why Choose A.P. Experian?

With much experience in this challenging industry, we are reputed to be quite different from the other agencies in supplying Household Service Workers (HSW) because we :

1. Only focus and specialize in providing ENGLISH  EDUCATED HSWs from the Philippines.
2. PROTECT EMPLOYERS with a system to minimise financial loss if HSW is unsatisfactory.
3. Provide DOOR TO DOOR advisory services upon your request, without any obligations.
4. Ensure that all our HSWs are medically fit and ADEQUATELY TRAINED under the compulsory
TESDA Skills Program conducted by the Philippine Government.
5. See to it that all your documentations are LEGALLY PROCESSED and approved by the Malaysian
Immigration Department and Philippine authorities as per criteria set.
6. Can obtain the EXPERTISE from our knowledgeable consultant from Philippines, who has more than
20 years exposure in Malaysia in motivating the HSW to learn about the culture, customs and religion.
7. Have the services of a Philippine coordinator and another trainer to attend to complaints, problems
solving at place of work and implement PERIODIC  COUNSELLING seminars for our  HSWs –  the
only existing program encouraged and endorsed by the Philippine Embassy in Malaysia.
8. Are VERY TRANSPARENT, where all our activities with relevant certificates and details can be
viewed and verified at: www.experianmaids.com
9. Are approachable and TRY HARDER to jointly find a solution to cater for your needs in the shortest possible time.






Our Company

The choice of any housemaids normally begins at its source. Though we cannot guarantee 100% in terms of overall standards, we strongly believe we have attained close to it. This is due to our personalized involvement during the selection process – whenever and wherever possible.


Our Mission

We Commit Ourselves in Developing Quality Domestic Helpers and Outstanding Customer Relationship to Serve Our Valued Clients’ Needs. We are striving to become the number one Domestic Helper Employment Agency in the country.

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What You Should Know

Runaway maids are proven to be the most problematic. Statistics indicated there are about 800 maids from a neighboring country who abscond every month in Malaysia. It is understandable that every employer would prefer to have a “cheaper” maid to maintain every month due to obvious economic reasons.

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